Arduino Inspiration by Maker's End

Coming soon!

Our first book in the Inspiration Series, Arduino Inspiration will a wide range of projects from inspiration to completion. This book isn't just about how to hook up wires (although we cover that) or how to write the least amount of code possible to get it working--instead we'll take a more in-depth approach to our projects and cover code refactoring, how to make projects look presentable, and dive in to complexities that often have to be figured out on our own.

Projects include:

  • Simple LED traffic light
  • Pomodoro timer
  • "Cool breeze" desk fan set
  • Car bobblehead that screams if you turn to hard
  • All-in-one meditation box

Along the way there are "side projects" to teach a new concepts, build a useful tools, or just show off.

What's the Inspiration Series?

The Maker's End Inspiration Series is a collection of books, each focused around a specific platform (Arduino, ESP, Feather, QWIIC, Raspberry Pi) that introduces the hardware and ecosystem and takes a relatively deep dive into the steps necessary to create your own projects (or copy ours). They're not designed to be "make this project!" (although you can!) but rather as a "launch pad" to taking your own ideas further.

While each project might be worthy of a build, we encourage you to also draw from them, make them your own, and take them into places we never imagined.

Related to the Inspiration Series are its little cousins, the MEMO (Maker's End Mini-Overview) series that are shorter, and more tightly-focused. We'll be covering things like interrupts and ISRs in depth, pneumatics, detailed project guides, and so on.