About Maker's End

Maker's End is a loose collective of developers, makers, craftspeople, artists, and other random assorted folk that drop in and out as needed.

Core Team

Dave Newton
Founder, CMS (Chief Mad Scientist)

Dave's been programming since 1977 (in fairness, those first programs on the TRS-80 Model I weren't awesome). Since then he's worked professionally in Forth, Lisp, Smalltalk, C, C++, assembly of various flavors, PHP (which we do not discuss), Java, Ruby, JavaScript, Elixir, and a few more, across multipe domains including AI, business, embedded systems, websites, and more.

He's currently spending a lot of his time in JavaScript, using React and Electron to control embedded systems, writing books about Arduino, ESP, and Raspberry Pi, creating projects to support those books, and firing up the workshop to 3D-print, laser-cut, and woodwork to give everything a (semi-)professional feel.

Justin Jensen
Software engineer with an interest in electronics, woodworking, and general makery.

Hobbies include being bad at: golf, video games, hiking, camping, board gaming, automobile collecting, racing, swimming, construction, sawing logs (literally), sawing logs (figuratively), being agreeable, and putting up with Stupid (Dave).

Nick Kijak
Full-Stack Polyglot Developer, Data, all the fun things in between for 15+ years.

Nick mostly just wants Dave to stop sending 18-paragraph long Hangouts messages in the middle of the night excruciatingly detailing upcoming plans.

But beyond that, he's been developing for nearly two decades across a wide range of platforms, with particular emphasis on Java, Scale, Ruby, and data-wrangling.